Why Israel?

May 26, 2008 at 8:34 pm Leave a comment

by Jeff Hagen

Elected Officials Support Israel But Rarely Say Why

There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to the relationship between the U.S. and Israel, particularly on my part. For years now, I’ve been hearing campaigning U.S. politicians telling me of their support. Far fewer are the number of instances of their being up front as to why. The general line goes something like this, ‘As your commander, I will strongly support Israel as the only Democratic regime in Middle East.’ at which point the topic of the conversation usually changes.

The Jews Control Everything

This view seems to be very prevalent. Although my thoughts when I hear this type of comment are first of disgust and second of Archie Bunker, I can’t get around my own belief that AIPAC is the primary reason for George Bush’s unwillingness to speak with Middle Eastern leaders. (and for much else of the administration’s stance) Certainly, more questions need to be posed of the President. You might ask, for example, “How do our relations with Israel influence your decision not to speak with Syrian and Iranian leaders?” Or, “How do our relations with Israel affect the price of gas here in the United States?”

In Perspective?

Back in February of this year, the President signed a bill granting Israel $2.42 billion for FY 2009, most of it for military purposes. The pro Israel lobby is asking for an increase to $2.55 billion. These numbers, while very large, are hardly staggering with the cost of the Iraq war floating around. I and others would say that at least a portion of the war’s cost should be allotted to the defense of Israel. To back up this statement, I ask simply, “Were we not providing support to Israel, would we be involved in this war?” If the answer is in any way less than “Absolutely”, then a corresponding portion of the price should be attributed to the support of Israel.

I decided to include a link to an article entitled, “Why America Must Support Israel from back in 2002. The first few paragraphs make a good case FOR further support. Also interesting are, Timeline Israel and The Peace FAQ.

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