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Hillary, Please Keep Quiet

by Jeff Hagen

Alright Hillary, I’ve listened to your reference to the killing of Bobby Kennedy a number of times now. I can find no reason to mention the event whatever unless, of course, you are making allusion to the fact that Hubert Humphrey was able to sew up the nomination that year. If this is your logic then please, spare us the gibberish and get out.

Note: Had I not later seen your ‘I’m right, your wrong, but I still apologize’ type apology, I’d never have written this.

May 25, 2008 at 1:44 pm Leave a comment

Obama/Clinton? Oh Jeez

by Jeff Hagen

The debate is as to whether an Obama/Clinton ticket would be a good one. There are certainly points to be made on both sides. Prior to January of 2009, this ticket would likely be a winner.

Senator Clinton has been very strong with certain voting blocks, women and low income whites being examples. In my opinion,however, Senator Clinton pushed any values that she may have had to the side while endlessly maintaining a position in the Democratic primary well beyond when it had become clear she’d lost any chance to win. Can we forgive her for that? I can. But I’d never consider voting for her.

Senator Obama, on the other hand has been very strong with his overall message of unity in government. Mrs, Clinton portrays this message as a grossly unachievable ‘Love Your Fellow Partisan’ type vision that will not and can not survive in Washington. (more…)

May 23, 2008 at 4:15 pm 5 comments


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