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Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare in America

by Jeff Hagen

What follows is a generic business plan that I’ve laid out for the purposes of demonstrating the goals of a typical pharmaceutical company as I see them.

First, a great quote…

“The market functions wonderfully when we want to sell more cereals, cosmetics, cars, computers, or any other consumer product. Unfortunately, it does not work in health care, where the goal should hardly be selling more heart bypass operations. Instead, the goal should be to prevent disease and illness. But the money is in the treatment – not prevention – so the market and good care are at odds.” – Donald L. Bartlett and James B. Steele

Pharmaceutical Company Business Plan

  • Design products to treat long term symptoms of a condition rather than cure a condition outright. This will transfer far more money from user’s pockets to company’s pockets.
  • Design products to be paid for by insurance plans and government agencies. Users will come to depend on their use of the products especially when they do not feel the pinch of paying for them. Once this cycle is established, large amounts of money will transfer regularly from government and insurance agency coffers to company pockets. Use all available lobbying prowess to establish laws and regulations promoting this cycle.
  • Identify product side effects and engineer conditions to be solved by those effects. If product is a hammer, users must be made to believe they have many unseated nails.
  • Design products with patent extension in mind. Example: Design and patent new product, BaknoPain. After original patent runs it’s course, patent and release “new” product, BaknoPain E.R. extending patent cycle.
  • Doctors who relieve symptoms by means other than through our products must be viewed by the public as inadequate. This should be achieved through normal F.D.A. methods using our influence inside the organization.
  • Develop and maintain U.S. lawmaker interest in support for our products. Remember, the strongest lobbying group in Washington belongs to the pharmaceutical industry.


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